New catalog: Physics experiments 2021

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April 2021

Our new physics experiments catalog
is now available!


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or order your printed version: HERE!

didacta is postponed to March 2021

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April 2020

didacta - the education trade fair

Stuttgart Messe has decided to postpone didacta, the education trade fair, until 23 to 27 March 2021. 

You are welcome to make a note of the date and we would be pleased to welcome you at didacta 2021 in Stuttgart.

Training - Instructions & Tutorials

Remote teaching

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April 2020

Tutorials & Instructions as video

We have collected some video tutorials and small instructional videos to explain our online portal LEYLAB.

You will also get an insight view how to use the Lab Docs Editor.

Would you like to learn more about our tutorials? Please click HERE.

For Spanish version of the videos, please click HERE.


Remote teaching

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March 2020

Now free of charge online access to entire LD experiment library

Due to the special situation of the worldwide spread of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, we have decided to open up our online management portal LEYLAB and make our entire LD experiment library available to you free of charge until 15th September 2020 (Promotion extended until 15th November 2020).

This means that you as a teacher or lecturer can continue to provide your students with learning material and assignments.

Register HERE for the free version of our online portal LEYLAB and use the entire experiment library for free.

Hygiene precautions

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March 2020

Motivation for washing hands

"Hygiene" is very important, especially with regard to the corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

But how can you explain these important measures to your students and motivate them to wash their hands properly?

For this purpose we have put together some interesting experiments such as comparing the number of bacteria on cleaned and uncleaned hands or on banknotes and coins for you to discuss the topic of hygiene with the students and create further understanding.

You can find out everything about hygiene HERE!

New catalogue: Science Lab

Student experiments system

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December 2019

The new product catalogue for student experiments system
in physics, chemistry and biology is now available!


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or order your printed version: HERE!

Member of the NFEC

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August 2018

Feedback Instruments Limited, a subsidiary of LD Didactic GmbH, is proud to announce to be a member of the NFEC.

NFEC (National Forum of Engineering Centres) was developed in 1992 in the UK and is focusing on the promotion of the relevance and quality of the engineering and related technology provision and to confront any and all issues that might impede the delivery of quality learning. More than 200 organisations are members of the non-for-profit organisation.

Member of the Worlddidac Association 2018

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January 2018

With the renewal of its membership in the Worlddidac Association, LD DIDACTIC GmbH is also in 2018 a member of the worldwide active trade association for the educational resources industry.

We are pleased to support the Worlddidac Association since 1960.

To go to the member profile click HERE

Member Certificate 2017 of the Worlddidac Association

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July 2017

LD DIDACTIC GmbH renewed its membership in the Worlddidac Association. Since 1960 LD DIDACTIC is a member in the trade association for the educational resources industry.

The Worlddidac Association is the only global association that is focusing on the development of education all around the world. The LD DIDACTIC GmbH is one of the over 150 companies and organisations that are a member of the association.

To go to the member profile click HERE

LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus: Renewed approval

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May 2017

Renewed approval for the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus according to the Röntgenverordnung 2017!

The BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) has extended the design approval for the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus as X-ray apparatus for educational use with full protection

For more information, see under the section "New Products and Highlights 2017".
You want to go directly to the page? Click HERE.

New catalogue: Control Engineering & Automation

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April 2017

The new catalogue "Control Engineering & Automation"
is available now!

The catalogue describes equipment, experiments and devices
for control engineering and automation. 

Check out the new catalogue directly or
order your printed copy: HERE!

LD DIDACTIC GmbH supports a centre for applied learning in Lebanon

December 2016

LD DIDACTIC, together with the Aurelius Refugee Initiative e.V., donated training and teaching equipment worth about 15,000 euros to a CECS (Continuing Education and Community Service) training centre for applied learning in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

The CECS centre offers various courses to children and young people in school age as well as for adults. The topics include applied sciences, project management, English, engineering courses and computer courses. Most course participants come from Syria.

CESC learning centre experiments CESC learning centre experimentation CESC learning centre children experimenting

The centre is operated by the Lebanese organisation MAPS ("Multi-Aid Programs"). The German aid organisation Orienthelfer e.V., a non-profit organisation, has entirely financed the centre. One of its goals is the humanitarian support of the victims of the Syrian conflict. A large part of the Syrians seeking protection in Lebanon live in the Bekaa Valley, near the Syrian border. In addition to the obvious essential humanitarian support, the demand for educational offers is enormous.

The equipment focuses at the request of the centre management on engineering education. The training and teaching systems have arrived at the Centre and are already being used within practical workshops. The goal is to be able to offer practical and future oriented training programs. Therefore the equipment is used to train and teach young people and adults in fundamentals of automotive technology, microcontroller programming and regenerative energies. Furthermore children can discover and learn about renewable energies and their advantages through active experimentation.

CESC learning centre in Lebanon CESC learning centre renewable energy CESC learning centre education

New catalogue: Automotive

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December 2016

The new Automotive catalogue is available now.

With LEYBOLD's solutions, your trainees and students can effectively learn the complex class subjects in the areas of motor vehicle technology and electrical  engineering as well as renewable energy technology. Our didactic equipment and educational systems for technical vocational training ideally combine theory and practice and can be seamlessly integrated into the project work.

Have a look into the catalogue!

New catalogue: COM3LAB

The multimedia Lab for Electronics and Electrical Engineering

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January 2014

The new LEYBOLD COM3LAB catalogue - multimedia Lab for Electronics and Electrical Engineering is available now. 

There you will find information on our new Master Unit, the course boards and on the interactive teaching software.

Page directly through the catalogue or order here!

New catalogue: Electrical Drives

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September 2013

The new LEYBOLD catalogue with many systems for vocational and advanced training in the following topics:

  • Electrical drives
  • Power electronics and
  • Drive and servo technology

is available now.

Page directly through the catalogue or order here!

New catalogue: Demonstration experiments in Chemistry!

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September 2013

The new LEYBOLD catalogue with more than 100 experiments for school and university is available!

The experiment sets cover all relevant topics of chemistry education. In addition, we also offer special systems in the field of fuel cell technology, electrochemistry and spectrometry.

Page directly through the catalogue or order here!

LD DIDACTIC acquires ELWE Technik portfolio

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June 2013

LD DIDACTIC GmbH has acquired the ELWE Technik portfolio as well as the brand “ELWE Technik” in the fields of electrical engineering in training and vocational education. The acquisition of ELWE Technik will further strengthen LD DIDACTICs international market position as high-quality premium manufacturer of technical teaching systems and products for automotive and electrical engineering as well as in the field of renewable energy. 

“Furthermore the internationally approved technical teaching systems will be distributed under the brand “ELWE Technik”. It will complement the LEYBOLD and Feedback product range for technical training systems for vocational education and universities perfectly”, Eric Blumenthal says.

The ELWE Technik product range will be distributed by LD DIDACTIC GmbH and their international agents as of September 2013. From today, manufacturing and further development of the teaching systems will be located in Huerth, the site of the LD DIDACTIC GmbH.

Worlddidac Award Sensor-CASSY 2 & CASSY Lab 2

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../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Sonstige/15th Worlddidac-Award.png,../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Geraete/524013.jpg,../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Geraete/524220 1
../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Sonstige/15th Worlddidac-Award.png,../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Geraete/524013.jpg,../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Geraete/524220 1

August 2012

Award for high degree of innovation and pedagogical value

The international jury of the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training, „Worlddidac", awarded the LEYBOLD interface for measurement data collection and evaluation CASSY Lab 2 with the coveted „Worlddidac Award." As part of the global trade fair for educational resources, „Worlddidac", which takes place between 24 and 26 October 2012 in Basel, both products will be presented to the international audience.

The Sensor-CASSY 2 is the interface for recording measurement data for all educational levels - from secondary school to university. Due to its flexible design it can be used as a desktop device and with demonstration frames as well. It is compatible with all CASSY sensor boxes and sensors and thus offers nearly unlimited opportunities for determining relevant parameters in experimental physics, chemistry and biology as well as in technical education. The intuitively operable software CASSY Lab 2 records and visualizes the measurement data and provides various analysis functions.

The key assessment criterion of the jury was the pedagogical value together with the product‘s high level of innovation. Aesthetics, environmental compatibility and user friendliness were also taken into account. Product evaluation was carried out in two phases: The jury of teachers, consisting of active teachers of different school types and representatives of different subject areas, performed the pre-evaluation. The second test and final evaluation was carried out by independent experts from different fields under the direction of Dr. Peter Gloor, professor at MIT in Boston.

„We are pleased that the unique combination of a high metrological standard and intuitive operation has convinced the jury", says Eric Blumenthal, Managing Director of LD DIDACTIC.