LEYBOLD Learning Methods for Vocational Education and Training

Our training systems for the various training topics in the fields of automotive and electrical engineering are based on various learning methods.

From the STE plug-in system to the Training Panel System TPS to the ELWE Technik Modular System, you rely on modular and innovative concepts that promise investment security.

Quickly and simply, you can expand the systems based on their great diversity and thus cover all necessary learning fields. The systems are designed to be used for both class demonstration and student experimentation. In addition, we also offer trainers for different learning contents.

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Proven LEYBOLD STE plug-in system

Modular, diverse and innovative

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The LEYBOLD plug-in system is a tried and tested experimentation programme for electrical engineering and electronics. The extensive scope of experiments covers both the basics as well as advanced topics in:

  • Communication technology
  • IT
  • Open-loop control technology
  • Closed-loop control technology
  • Automotive electronics

We offer more than 500 components with which you can create your individual collection or decide for one of our thematic experiment sets. Experimentation literature in the form of instruction sheets are available for both students and teachers to assist in performing the experiments.

The printed symbols on the plug-in housing elements, connectors and training panels provide the experiment set-ups with a circuit-like appearance. This facilitates knowledge transfer between the circuit diagrams in the text books and the circuitry being assembled and makes documenting the experiment findings easier and ultimately promotes circuit-based thinking, learning and experimenting.

The STE elements come ready for use and are protected against external mechanical damage due to their electrical and electronic components encased in transparent housings. Thanks to the transparent bottom part the original component is visible.


  • Modular system
  • Five different, flexible to combine housing sizes
  • Comfortable storage solutions for rapid assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to expand base panels in the formats A4, A3, A2 for workstation and vertical assemblies
  • Clearly printed circuit symbols and designations
  • Right power supply

The STE case is the storage solution which also serves as a student workstation. The cover can be used to accommodate various STE equipment sets and also assist in performing experiments in the classroom. The clearly configured storage design permits quick setup and a quick start to experimenting.

Stackable plastic trays offer alternatively a space saving and clear storage configuration of STE-elements, components and accessories in cabinets or drawers.

For more information and a product overview please select one of the following topics:

TPS – Training Panel System

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The modular training panel system for student experiments and classroom demonstrations

The LEYBOLD training panels form the centrepiece of a successful training system. The equipment set configurations excel due to their outstanding modular design. With the TPS training panel system all of the required training fields in their respective topic area can be covered.

Thanks to the modular design, the TPS system can be used to outfit, upgrade and expand technology labs quickly and easily.

  • Use of original components
  • Experiment literature for classroom preparation and experiment procedures
  • Front panels feature clarity of design

Explore the TPS experiments panel system:

Modular system for practical, hands-on instruction

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The ELWE Technik modular system is perfectly suited especially for practical hands-on instruction in the area of basic training and education. The use of authentic industrial parts guarantees that the instruction mirrors industrial practice. The circuit symbols and circuit diagrams printed on the components as well as the clearly arranged experiment set-ups make even the most complex circuitry transparent and understandable for the student.

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Our portfolio also offers trainers for various learning contents. These compact devices enable students to learn self-contained content.

Advantages of Trainers:

  • Compact and robust
  • Simple and practical
  • Safe experimentation

For all compact devices you can of course use comprehensive experiment instructions. In addition, the training devices are designed in such a way that the instructor always sees whether the device is in operation. The devices can also be used for class demonstration.

- Fault Simulator Contactor Circuits

The compact device with integrated fault simulation. Highest safety requirements are being fulfilled.

Directly to Fault Simulator HERE

- High-Voltage Trainer for Electric Vehicles

The trainer enables students to inspect and repair hybrid and high-voltage systems as well as their components. The trainer is designed to gain experience independently of the car brand. Measurements and practices like the cutting and disconnection of high-voltage components can be done safely without special safety equipment.

Directly to High-Voltage Trainer HERE

- Test and Fault Simulator VDE

Compact simulator for a typical home electrical system with various circuits and both AC and DC supply.

Directly to VDE Trainer: HERE