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33-041-SWMATLAB models for

33-041 and 33-041I Four-Tank System
ISO (*)
33-927-SWMATLAB models for

33-008I and 33-008-PCI Precision Modular Servo Control System
ISO (*)
33-936-SWMATLAB models for

33-005I and 33-005-PCI Digital Pendulum System
ISO (*)
33-942-SWMATLAB models for

33-006I and 33-006-PCI Magnetic Levitation System
ISO (*)
33-949-SWMATLAB models for

33-007I and 33-007-PCI Twin Rotor MIMO System
ISO (*)

(*) In order to install the MATLAB models one should burn the ISO-files to a CD/DVD or mount them virtually. (Mounting works directly in Windows 8.1 and 10, in Windows 7 a virtual drive such as Virtual CloneDrive is required.)

Software requirements:  

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1: from MATLAB version R2015b (V8.6) to R2017b (V9.3)
    Windows 10: MATLAB version R2019a (V9.6) or later

  • 3 MATLAB Toolboxes:
    • Real Time Workshop with Simulink Desktop Real-Time Windows Target
    • System Identification Toolbox
    • Control System Toolbox