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The measuring software for acquisition and evaluation of measurement data for all cassy devices

CASSY Lab 2 is the advanced development of the successful CASSY Lab software for the acquisiton and evaluation of measurement data of the CASSY family, with comprehensive integrated help functionality and many operable experiment examples. This "all-around-carefree software supports all basic devices, sensors and sensor boxes.

With CASSY LAB 2 you purchase a school licence that can be used on any number of PCs at your school or institute at the same time. This applies to PCs in classrooms, but also to teacher PCs. CASSY Lab 2 is ideal for measuring and evaluating in simple experiments, but it is also the right choice for highly complex experiments. The well-proven software includes a measurement server for sharing live measurements, table and diagram as well as measurement files to tablets or smartphones.

The intuitively operable software and its previous versions have been in use worldwide for more than 20 years. The international jury of the Worlddidac Association awarded the software the coveted Worlddidac Award. CASSY Lab 2 is easy to use for teachers without a long training period.


For detailed information and for ordering CASSY Lab 2 (524 220) please click here:

Go to CASSY Lab 2.

Simple operation via Plug & Play and integrated sample experiment


The connected CASSY devices, sensors and sensor boxes are automatically detected by the software and displayed graphically. The graphic shows a simplified frontal view including sensors and sensor boxes. By clicking on the graphic, inputs and outputs can be switched on. CASSY Lab 2 automatically carries out experiment-related typical settings (depending on the sensors or sensor boxes plugged in). In addition, detailed help is available.

The software also provides over 150 pre-prepared sample experiments from the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology. In addition to a detailed description of the experiments, the CASSY device, the sensor, sensor box and connection assignment are displayed graphically when an experiment file is loaded. This means you always know whether a sensor or sensor box is still missing and, above all, which sensor or sensor box is to be connected to which slot.

Variable acquisition and display of measured values


The measured values can be recorded either manually or automatically.

Manual measurement is done by simply pressing a button. A single measured value is recorded.

For automatic recording, time intervals, durations of measurement, pre-recording intervals, triggers or even additional measuring conditions can be set.

CASSY Lab 2 thus offers exactly the right set-up for any measurement requirement. The display of the measurement data is also variable depending on your needs. You can choose between analogue and digital instruments and, of course, between tables and diagrams.

For a clear overview, table values and the graph can be displayed simultaneously. The configuration of the axes is freely selectable.

Multiple evaluation options - from simple to highly complex


For the evaluation, CASSY Lab 2 provides everything from basic functions to highly complex evaluations. For example, you can make various adjustments (straight lines, parabola, hyperbola, exponential function, free adjustment).

Apart from that, the diagrams can be labelled quickly and easily.

Integrals, any formula calculations, differentiation, integration and Fourier transformation are also possible with the CASSY Lab 2 measurement software.

To do this, use the right mouse button to click in the diagram and a list appears showing the evaluation options.

Storage and sharing of measurement data


Export of the measurement data and diagrams are conveniently possible via the clipboard. Of course, the measurement data can also be stored centrally on a school server and loaded in all installed CASSY Lab 2 versions.

Live measurement data, tables and diagrams can also be shared directly to tablets or smartphones via QR code. The teacher generates the QR code in CASSY Lab 2, which is displayed on a whiteboard, for example. The students scan this with their smartphones or tablets and can follow the measurements live on their end devices. The prerequisite for this is that all end devices are in the same network (e.g. school WiFi).

Also for interactive whiteboards


CASSY Lab 2 is also easy to use with a whiteboard. In addition to the large display of your measured values for the entire class, you can evaluate the diagrams with your fingers, because CASSY Lab 2 can be operated on the whiteboard with your finger.

For example, you can zoom into the diagrams and enlarge a section with two fingers.

Free updates and demo versions


You would like to convince yourself of the comprehensive capabilities and simple operation of CASSY Lab 2?

Simply download the demo version. (HERE)

After you have purchased and installed CASSY Lab 2, updates are free of charge. If you are connected to the internet, a new available update will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, updates are always available free of charge on our homepage.

Another service for you and your students:

For the pure evaluation of data on student PCs - for example, also as homework - the free demo version of CASSY Lab 2 (HERE) is sufficient.

If you still have CASSY Lab installed, we offer you an upgrade to CASSY Lab 2, with which you can take advantage of all further developments.

Go directly to CASSY Lab 2 Upgrade

Which devices are supported by CASSY Lab 2?


The software supports up to 8 Sensor-CASSY 2, Sensor-CASSYs and Power-CASSYs via a single USB port or serial interface.

The student measuring devices Mobile-CASSY and the new generation Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi are, of course, also supported. With the WiFi option of the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi, a wireless connection to CASSY Lab 2 is also possible.

The joulemeter and wattmeter and the Universal Measuring Instruments for physics, chemistry and biology and all CASSY sensor boxes and sensors S and M are also supported. Numerous other devices, such as VideoCom, IRPD and scales, can be integrated via the USB or serial interface.

If you still have CASSY Lab installed, we offer you an upgrade to CASSY Lab 2, with which you can take advantage of all further developments.

Go directly to CASSY Lab 2 Upgrade

CASSY Lab 2 Home / CASSY Lab 2 for X-ray apparatus


CASSY Lab 2 Home

If you want to use CASSY Lab 2 on PCs which do not belong to the school, we offer a so-called Home version, which is valid for three years. The scope and functionality of this version matches that of the normal school licence version. This allows measurements to be taken, e.g. also with your students' PCs.

Go directly to CASSY Lab 2 Home

CASSY Lab 2 for X-ray apparatus

With the licence for the CASSY Lab software, you can now also acquire and evaluate the measurement data of the X-ray apparatus. The detailed and integrated help also offers many pre-prepared samples experiments.

The integrated measurement data server enables the simple sharing of live measurement values, tables, diagrams to tablets and smartphones of your students.

The spectra can be shared live over the school network during the measurement. The distribution is done via QR code to the digital end devices of the students.

Click here to go directly to CASSY Lab 2 for X-ray apparatus.