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Are you looking for an easy way to supplement an existing collection of experiments with your own experiments and share them with colleagues?

And at the same time you are trying to find a way to manage all the equipment in your school?


You want to prepare the experiments effectively and flexibly for your lessons in the collection, the staffroom or at home on your laptop?

You want to look in front of your equipment cabinet on your smartphone to see which devices you need for an experiment and where they are?

Our solution for you: LeyLab.

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LeyLab is a modern tool for organising and inventory of experiments and devices.

With LeyLab your institute can record device types and their storage locations as part of your itinerary of our equipment. In addition, LeyLab can be used to manage the same device across different storage locations and to manage loaned-out devices. This means that there is an up-to-date overview of the collection for all colleagues.

Another highlight of LeyLab is the experiment management. With this, topic-specific experiments from the LD experiment library (also based on the available equipment) are suggested to the teacher. Of course, your own experiments or additions to LD experiments, such as pictures or notes, can also be added and saved.


  • Online portal for the management of experiments and devices
  • for modern, digital preparation of lessons, efficient experimental procedure and time-saving follow-up
  • Cross-platform, works with all popular browsers.
    Therefore access is available regardless of the device - on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • School license for any number of users (LeyLab 365, LeyLab)
  • Overview of the complete device inventory of the teaching material collection with a lot of additional information
  • Building up an own experiment collection from LD experiments and own experiments
  • simple inventory of all devices (also not LD products) incl. barcode function
  • Generation of individual barcodes for in-school label printing
  • Access to all LD experiments with instruction sheets, experiment instructions, safety data sheets and other media
  • Import of existing inventory lists
  • Borrowing and return function
  • Preparation of experiment lists, inventory lists and hazardous material lists
  • Quick search for experiments and devices
  • Individual settings (e.g. academic year, difficulty & time to perform the experiment)
  • Create & collaborate with multiple users
  • "Interactive Tour" to help introduce the system
  • “Free version” available (can be upgraded to an “annual version” or “unlimited version”)
Free version
LeyLab 365LeyLab
  • free test version
  • 1 user
  • Inventory of max. 100 devices & 10 experiments
  • acquired data from the free version will not be lost when upgrading to LeyLab 365 or LeyLab
  • Account can be deleted completely at any time.
  • Numerous experiment instructions are additionally available
  • Annual licence
  • For any number of users
  • Unlimited inventory of devices & experiments
  • Account can be deleted completely at any time.
  • Numerous experiment instructions are additionally available
  • School licence
  • For any number of users
  • Unlimited inventory of devices & experiments
  • Account can be deleted completely at any time.
  • Numerous experiment instructions are additionally available
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LeyLab version:
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Inventory & organisation of experiments & devices


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In the new LeyLab online portal, teachers can quickly and easily access their own selection of experiments and all LD experiments from anywhere. This selection can be supplemented with additional information, e.g. their own documents or videos.

To ensure a simple overview, the experiments are sorted according to category and topic. Specific searches can be made with the built-in filter function. With the help of the detailed list of devices it is possible to immediately identify which devices are required for the experiment and which are available on-site.

Your own, brand-new experiments can also be saved in LeyLab. Of course you can also add further information to this, such as a safety data sheet.


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Adding LD DIDACTIC products from the integrated device library is user-friendly and requires just a click of the mouse. Information such as the storage location or comments can be added easily.

Furthermore, the technical data of the device, as well as documents and possible experiments, can be viewed immediately. Of course, the filter function also facilitates ease of use and an exact search result.

Devices from other manufacturers can also be entered. This guarantees that the system can always provide an up-to-date overview of the entire collection of teaching materials.