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COM4LAB is a complete electrical engineering lab in a compact form. The system consists of a Master Unit, various experiment boards and interactive courses. COM4LAB combines hands-on experiments with the benefits of interactive e-learning for the best possible training outcomes.

The compact hardware design allows for flexible and mobile learning. COM4LAB enables modern digital training using smartphones, tablets and laptops of any kind - on-site at school, in the company or even at home.


More than 25 different courses from the fields of electrical and automotive engineering cover the entire curriculum of the German dual training system - from circuit technology and control engineering to sensor technology.

The COM4LAB courses prove their worth with topicality, realism and quality of the learning content. These are didactically presented to the students via animations, text, images, interactive elements and videos. The students actively perform integrated experiments on the experiment board and learn the necessary skills directly and sustainably. The theoretical and practically-acquired knowledge is automatically checked with regular learning assessments.

With the COM4LAB editor, courses can be quickly and easily adapted as needed, extended and translated, and exams and questions can be created.

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The COM4LAB courses are available at any time and from anywhere via the cloud. Sharing with learning management systems, such as Moodle or MS Teams, is also possible. In digital lessons, up to four students can connect their device to a COM4LAB workstation via the network.

COM4LAB courses work on any device regardless of operating system and manufacturer. No software needs to be installed or maintained. Not only is a Bring-Your-Own-Device concept easily implemented, but teamwork is also promoted through group work. Students can save courses at any time and continue working on them from any location.

COM4LAB courses can also be used to prepare for lessons or for homework without the need for hardware thanks to its safe operation and uncomplicated handling.


COM4LAB is an efficient training system that already minimises teacher preparation time and allows for a quick start in the classroom due to its rapid set-up and stowing away. The robust and stable design ensures a long service life and low secondary costs.

COM4LAB also offers a high degree of future-proofing thanks to its cloud-based system and independence from operating systems and manufacturers. The compact yet complete lab has an enormously reduced maintenance effort compared to large, complex training facilities. Furthermore, the modular design enables cost-efficient additions and replacement.

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