Innovative experiment literature

Lab Docs – unique experiment instructions digital & interactive

Digitale literature: Yesterday we worked with PDF. Today it is interactive HTML.

Lab Docs are our new experiment instructions, which impress with both curriculum-compliant, didactically up-to-date content and intuitive use with tablets, smartphones and laptops. Lab Docs are not only digital but also interactive.

Lab Docs are the perfect combination of real experiments and digital media as well as new technologies to learn both the areas of competence around student experiments and media literacy.

Lab Docs are the digital experiment instructions that every student can access and work with on their own tablet, smartphone or PC. This no longer happens statically, as with a PDF, but interactively, with the input of answers and measured values and even with the automatic import of measured values.

An experiment does not start and end with digital measurements. The complete instructions and evaluation of the experiment are included.


1. Experiment instruction and assignments

2. Measured values (table, diagram)

3. Analysis (answers, modification of measured values)

the result: A COMPLETE digital protocol

All information about the experiment is available in each student's Lab Doc. No additional programs or apps are needed to analyse the measured values. Screenshots or even taking pictures of written answers are a thing of the past. And all these individual parts do not have to be copied together in another program to finally create a protocol.

Lab Doc - Simply open it, work out preliminary considerations, set up the experiment according to instructions, start the measurement, record the measurement values, analyse, answer questions, save, done. The Lab Doc can be saved at any time as a digital protocol and can be shared with teachers in accordance with data protection regulations.

A new age of experimenting starts with Lab Docs. Easy-to-use, digital and completely without any additional app.