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Version 2.27 (free demo version, full version requires CASSY Lab 2 activation code)

Software (MSI)Manual (PDF)Manual (HTM)
GERCASSY Lab 2HandbuchOnlinehilfe
ENGCASSY Lab 2ManualWeb Help
FRACASSY Lab 2Guide utilisateurAide en ligne
ESPCASSY Lab 2Manual del usarioAyuda en la Web
ITACASSY Lab 2n/an/a
NEDCASSY Lab 2n/an/a
RUSCASSY Lab 2n/an/a
ZHOCASSY Lab 2n/an/a

CASSY Lab 2 for Linux and Mac OS (up to version 10.14)

The CASSY Lab 2 activation code is also valid for Linux installations of CASSY Lab 2. The installation script sets up a Wine environment and is suitable for the common Linux distributions. Please also note the included README.TXT.

To set up CASSY Lab 2 in a Wine environment on a Mac OS, this installation script is appropriate. Please also note the included README.TXT. Unfortunately, the Wine environment can currently only be used with Mac OS up to version 10.14.

ChangeLog CASSY Lab 2

You are always up-to-date with the CASSY Lab 2 ChangeLog.

New features in CASSY Lab 2

You find the new features of CASSY Lab 2 compared to CASSY Lab 1 in the Web Help.

CASSY Lab 2 requires a new activation code.

Further CASSY Downloads

Version 1.77 (free update of CASSY Lab 1)

Software (EXE)Manual (PDF)
GERCASSY Lab (524 200de)Handbuch (524 201)
ENGCASSY Lab (524 200en)Manual (524 202)
FRACASSY Lab (524 200fr)Guide utilisateur (524 203)
ITACASSY Lab (524 200it)Manuale (524 204)
ESPCASSY Lab (524 200sp)Manual del usario (524 206)
PORCASSY Lab (524 200pt)n/a
POLCASSY Lab (524 200pl)n/a
NEDCASSY Lab (524 200nl)n/a
RUSCASSY Lab (524 200ru)Manual (524 210)