Student Experiments in Biology

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Secondary Education with Science Kits

The student experiment system is designed for secondary schools (typically pupils aged 10-16) and offers experiments corresponding to school syllabi in physics, chemistry and biology.

Science Kits for Biology:

  • With approximately 65 simple experiments, the principles of botany, ecology, microbiology, physiology, microscopy and genetics are covered.
  • Robust equipment, quick assembly and disassembly
  • Experiment literature designed for students and teacher worksheets for the purpose of checking results
  • Ideal price-performance ratio

Science Lab – The best solution for STEM education

The student experiment system Science Lab awakens students' enthusiasm for the natural sciences and supports teachers in conducting as many experiments as possible in the classroom.

Starting with a time-saving, easy preparation, a clear storage and an uncomplicated handling of the devices, as well as simple and safe experiments up to the support during the follow-up and correction. Science Lab is compliant with international curricula and the experiments are developed according to the latest didactic research. In addition, Science Lab supports every teaching style.

Science Lab Biology:

  • More than 135 experiments
  • Topics of student experiments: Human Biology, Botany, Ecology and Cell Biology
  • Innovative design enables easy storage and quick use
  • Experiments are easy to understand and safe, students can conduct most experiments by themselves
  • Experimental units fit into prescribed timeframe (class/lectures)
  • Customisable, interactive experiment instructions with teacher/lecturer and student sections
  • Digital experiment instrucation for any tablet, smartphone and PC
  • Innovative measuring technology with the universal student measuring device -Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi, which interacts with the digital experiment instructions
  • Developed for experimenting in student groups – up to 4 students can connect their devices with the experiment while creating their own individual experiment protocol
  • High-quality and durable due to robust & sturdy materials

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Or inform yourself in our catalogue Science Lab - Advanced Students Experiments.


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Our microscope programme covers:

  • Student microscopes
  • Microscopes for special courses
  • Teacher microscopes
  • Student stereomicroscopes
  • Teacher stereomicroscopes
  • Digital microscopes
  • Digital cameras

More detailed information can be found in our LEYBOLD Online-Shop.

Visual aids and scientific demonstration material

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At LEYBOLD all of your lab and classroom needs are satisfied from a single source:

  • Microscope slides with prepared specimens
  • Models
  • Entire specimens
  • Skulls / Skeletons
  • Transparencies
  • DVDs
  • Software
  • Text books

Find out more in our LEYBOLD Online-Shop.

Data acquisition and analysis using CASSY

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The CASSY system has evolved over the past 25 years to become the most successful and popular solution for experiment-based data acquisition and analysis used in lower and intermediate secondary schools.

The CASSY system consists of:

  • Basic equipment sets to match each and every teaching situation (student and demonstration experiments)
  • Over 50 sensors to detect more than 100 measurement variables in physics, chemistry and biology
  • Software designed specifically for data acquisition and measurement analysis

Benefits at a glance:

  • Modular and compatible: Basic equipment, sensors and software can be combined as needed, making the system freely expandable.
  • Operation is easy and intuitive
  • Plug & play features
  • High standards both technically and educationally
  • Easy to use with whiteboards

Find out more about the CASSY system at the LEYBOLD Online-Shop or in our CASSY brochure.