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Demonstration experiments with Cassy

measurement technology for your class

For demonstration experiments in the natural science subjects of physics, biology and chemistry, we can offer you the complete CASSY system. You can flexibly decide on the basis of your individual measurement requirements which measuring instruments are suitable for you for the acquisition of measurement data.

In the proven CASSY system you will find, among other devices, the Worlddidac Award winner - Sensor-CASSY 2. With this ultimate measuring instrument, which you can even expand in cascade, you have a system for any measuring requirements in combination with all CASSY sensors S and sensor boxes. In addition, the Sensor-CASSY 2 can be equipped with a WiFi adapter, which opens up further possibilities.

In addition, you can expand your system with the Power-CASSY as a power and voltage source or supplement it with the CASSY display. The Universal Measuring Instruments (UMI) for physics, biology and chemistry are also part of our CASSY system.

Our basic units work with all CASSY sensors S and sensor boxes and the popular CASSY Lab 2 software. We have put much thought into the simple operation and good handling both hardware and software. The sensors and sensor boxes are automatically detected and the appropriate measurement settings are made.

The connection to computers and thus to the CASSY Lab 2 measuring software can be made simply via a USB interface. CASSY Lab 2 can also easily share the recorded measured values, tables and diagrams with your students' digital devices via a QR code in your school network.

Demonstration experiments thus also support interactive work with students and are no longer purely traditional frontal teaching.

Furthermore, we develop with focus on the future, so that we open the way to digital education for you with the WiFi adapter for the Sensor-CASSY and the Sensor-CASSY 2.

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