Unique Lab Docs are available now in a new interactive design.

Lab Docs are available in a new design "tabs"

  • Modern design inspired by media world familiar to students
  • Even more intuitive operation thanks to self-explanatory design elements and horizontal swiping
  • Responsive layout; works on all end devices, regardless of software platform and manufacturer
  • Clearer and more structured layout of experiment protocol
  • Made easier to understand and more interesting thanks to greater integration of graphic elements

DETAIL: Material list can be displayed as a picture gallery and as a table

DETAIL: Lab Docs of the individual subjects are clearly recognisable by their colouring

DETAIL: Conveniently operate Lab Docs by vertical scrolling and horizontal swiping

DETAIL: The design is fully responsive and has been optimised in particular for use with tablets

DETAIL: Seperate tab for all additional information for teachers/lecturers



1. My school/institution has already purchased Science Lab literature licenses:

In LeyLab, all Lab Docs have been automatically changed to the new "tabs" design. The experiment instructions for the individual Science Lab experiments can be found as usual in the LD Experiments section.

A change to the previous design "original" is possible at any time in the settings section of LeyLab.

Have a look immediately? Click here to go to LeyLab LeyLab


2. We do not have a Science Lab literature licenses yet:

Discover our extensive digital Science Lab literature and ask for an offer for the licenses of the unique Lab Docs:

LIT Science Lab Physics, digital: Click here

for more than 440 student experiments from the areas of mechanics, energy, electrics/electronics and optics as well as atomic and nuclear physics

LIT Science Lab Chemistry, digital: Click here

for more than 270 Science Lab experiments from general & inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, technical chemistry and biochemistry as well as on the topic of fuel cells

LIT Science Lab Biology, digital: Click here

for more than 170 experiments from the fields of human biology, botany, ecology, cell biology and genetics

Would you like to take a closer look at Lab Docs in the tabs design?

We have prepared for you one example from physics, chemistry and biology. Just click on the link: