Digital solution of LD DIDACTIC

Make teaching digital.

Our innovative solution for the digitalisation of science lessons is focused on the needs of everyday school, college or university life. Please read below, which features characterise our solution.

Schools, colleges and universities need a useful, digital concept that offers flexibility.


We offer the right solution for digital learning for every school, college or university and teaching situation. For this specific purpose, we have developed a modular overall solution that is suitable for different scenarios in schools, colleges and universities.

With our solution, we meet you where you are today - from a start in digital lesson, we will support you up to a completely digitalised solution for your science teaching.

You can prepare your lessons easily and flexibly and rely on our solution. It covers all teaching scenarios, so that you can organise your school life methodically and didactically in a way that seems appropriate for your learning group.

The digital solutions fit perfectly with our hardware and thus complement our student experiments and demonstration experiments. They are also designed for experimentation in student groups and for individual support.

For every teaching situation:

We meet you where you are today


The IT infrastructure in schools, colleges and universities must and will change in the future. Therefore they need reliability for their previous investments.


What happens if the IT infrastructure at your school, college and university changes? Will your previous investments then be lost? No.

With the LEYBOLD solution you do not need to be concerned about that now or in future, because we offer a flexible, modular solution that allows you to develop your lessons according to your own teaching structure or the development of the IT infrastructure by other decision makers.

Without any problems or complicated adaptations, the solution components will work immediately in the new teaching structure. Each step is scalable and offers many expansion possibilities. We are constantly developing our solution package for digital education to facilitate your work and to arouse students' interest in the natural sciences.

Schools, colleges and universities need:
- A comprehensive solution from preparation to further training
- A solution compatible with the collection & infrastructure
- An economical solution
- A solution for various systems


You can rely on our all-in-one solution, which can be easily expanded with compatible solution elements. This means you don't have to keep on investing in new equipment for each additional step, in order to become a little more digital in certain areas. Our solution entirely covers the preparation, experimentation and follow-up.

Even existing devices can be integrated into the digital world. For example, a CASSY sensor works with the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi as well as with sensor CASSY 2, and LEYBOLD guarantees this compatibility also in future.

With the additional independence from systems, devices, software platforms etc. you can act freely. Effectively you will achieve significant cost savings in the medium term.

"Everything" also includes further training. Therefore, we also offer seminars at our company or on-site at your school, college or university so that you and your students can fully benefit from our solution.