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On-Demand-Webinars Overview (Recordings)

Subject Webinar Topic
Power Analyser CASSY The ultimate measuring device for teaching electrical engineering: Power Analyser CASSY


E-Mobility Automotive - E-Mobility: Battery Technologies


Automotive LIDAR & ultrasonic sensors


Electrical Machines Characteristic of electrical machines with rotor kits


Automation Applied PLC Technology with ASIMA


Drive Technology Motor control with didactical frequency converter


On Demand Webinars

Drive Technology: Motor control with didactical frequency converter

Modern drive technology is needed in multiple applications – like washing machine, pump stations and even electrical vehicle.

The experiments will be performed with a didactical set-up that consists of a didactical frequency converter and different machines. You can set all parameters and analyse DC link and power signals in detail.

Webinar topics:

  How does a frequency converter work?

  Important parameters of the frequency converter

  Control of an asynchronous motor with different parameters

  Applications in modern drive and servo technology


Automotive: Autonomous driving & driver assistance systems

We show tips & tricks how to carry out these experiments successfully in classic teaching and Digital Education.

  How the measuring points of rotating LIDAR sensors can be displayed graphically.

  Calibrating LIDAR sensor systems.

  How ultrasound signals can be recorded with a computer.

  Troubleshooting supported by self-diagnosis.


Electrical Machines: Characteristic of electrical machines with rotor kits

  Introduction of setup and used devices

  Characteristic of an electrical machine with aluminium and copper rotor (Speed/Torque/Current)

  Changing the rotor

  Efficiency determination following IEC EN 60034-2-1


The ultimate measuring device for teaching electrical engineering: Power Analyser CASSY

We show you the networking measurement interface for electrical engineering, which provides better way of teaching.

  Support from interactive worksheets, which work on all platforms

  Life data distribution and storage on the student mobile devices

  Powerful measurement tools as stand-alone as well as in combination with the specialised software CASSY Lab 2, LabVIEW and MATLAB


Automotive - E-Mobility: Battery Technologies

Safely learn about High-Voltage Batteries.

  Charging and discharging behaviour of batteries

  Battery disconnect-plug in the electric vehicle

  Monitoring the insulation resistance