Version 1.15 (10/2/2019)

New X-ray image sensor supported
Licence import from LeyLab supported
System requirement .NET Framework 4.x

Version 2.10 (9/2/2013)

New evaluations for X-ray, Laue and cross-sectional images (intensity, contrast, coordinates, histogram, line profile) integrated as Radiography

Version 2.00 (6/14/2013)

64 bit application has access to the complete main memory (requires Windows x64)
32 bit application has access to max. 2 GB main memory as before
Pro version (554 820) supports also the X-ray image sensor (554 828)
Simplified rotational axis correction
PNG files in 16 bit grayscale format
Changed over to .NET Framework 3.5
Changed over to DirectX End-User Runtimes June 2010

Version 1.12 (11/9/2012)

Main window position will be saved
Decimal separator doesn't change in a foreign user interface language

Version 1.11 (10/21/2010)

Improved camera selection with multiple cameras

Version 1.10 (8/24/2009)

Stereoscopic display for red-cyan glasses
Video export of stereoscopic videos (side-by-side)
White background selectable

Version 1.0 (10/15/2008)

First public version