Version 1.15 (10/02/2019)

Licence import from LeyLab supported
System requirement .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.x

Version 1.14 (2/11/2016)

Integrated Windows 10 driver
Optimized touch screen support

Version 1.13 (9/18/2013)

2 new integrated experiment examples

Version 1.12 (11/7/2012)

Zoom gestures with multi-touch displays
Main window position will be saved
Decimal separator doesn't change in a foreign user interface language
Reads read-only files also

Version 1.11 (12/14/2010)

Improved pixel error correction

Version 1.10 (8/11/2010)

Supports Windows Vista/7 64 bits
Enhanced color gradient over the whole spectrum

Version 1.0 (6/5/2009)

First public version