Versin 1.24 (6/19/2020)

Corrected display of decoded SENT messages

Version 1.23 (10/02/2019)

Longer measurement times implemented
Licence import from LeyLab supported
System requirement .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.x

Version 1.22 (9/26/2018)

SENT slow-channel messages supported
Grid and adjustable zero lines implemented
Dutch and Czech versions localized

Version 1.21 (3/24/2017)

WiFi adapter with Sensor-CASSY or Sensor-CASSY 2 supported

Version 1.20 (12/2/2016)

Automatic trigger level adaption implemented
Trigger on CAN or LIN message IDs enabled
Sum or difference of two channels selectable in channel menu
Optical power sensor supported

Version 1.19 (6/24/2015)

Displays electrical hazard warning symbol for high voltages
Signal Decoder includes the SENT protocol
Supports 4-terminal sensing for small resistances at input B
Support added for new 30-A box

Version 1.18 (11/11/2014)

Font size of CAN/LIN an Min/Max evaluations increased
CAN CRC display corrected
Trigger of Sensor-CASSY 2 improved

Version 1.17 (5/7/2014)

Optimized touch screen support for Windows 7 or higher

Version 1.15 (7/9/2013)

CAN-/LIN Decoder enhanced to Signal Decoder for Manchester coded messages of the KMI22
Missing trigger signals clear the old oscillogram after a timeout of one second

Version 1.14 (3/21/2013)

Supports the new measuring ranges of Sensor-CASSY 2 (250 V/0.1 V/0.03 A)
File format changed (old versions cannot read it anymore)

Version 1.13 (6/19/2012)

Cascading of 2 Sensor-CASSYs supported for 4-channel measurements
File format changed (zipped XML)
Oscilloscope measuring ranges do not overload with offset adjustment
Decimal separator doesn't change in a foreign user interface language
Reads read-only files also

Version 1.12 (7/27/2011)

Injection time is measured between the falling and rising edge at ti of the auto box i

Version 1.11 (4/6/2011)

CAN/LIN decoder shows colored marks and decoded messages
Faster oscilloscope display
Main window position will be saved

Version 1.10 (5/20/2010)

Supports zoom
Supports the 30 A box
Supports the Sensor-CASSY 2 pre-trigger

Version 1.0 (4/1/2010)

First public version