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Innovative measuring technology

with the ultimate student measuring device

Mobile-CASSY 2 Wifi

  • For all measuring tasks and subjects in physics, chemistry & biology
  • Measure and analyse all in one
  • With WiFi to connect to school/university WiFi or set up your own access point
  • Large display for high-contrast diagrams
  • Measure voltage, current, power, energy and temperature directly with the device - no accessories needed
  • Compatible with all CASSY sensors S and M
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Fast recording of measured values - up to 500,000 values per second

Flexible use - you have the choice!

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standalone Device

    • Ready-to-use
    • Measure and analyse directly on the device

    Tablet or Smartphone

    • With WiFi connection
    • Experimenting with interactive Lab Docs or
    • Measuring and analysing in the CASSY app

    Pc or Laptop

      • Connection via USB or WiFi
      • Experimenting with interactive Lab Docs or
      • Measuring, analysis and evaluation in CASSY Lab 2 software

      With Whiteboard

      • Via VNC client or
      • Measuring and analysis in the CASSY app or in CASSY Lab 2 software
      • Presentation of single measuring results

      Interactivity between Measuring technology and Lab Doc

      Up to four devices (tablet/smartphone/laptop) can be connected to ONE Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi (= one student working group).

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      ../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Downloads/Produkte Loesungen/Schuelerversuchs-Systeme/Versuch Freier Fall S15

      No digital classroom (yet)?

      Digital student experiments can also be carried out exclusively with Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi.

      The student measuring device can set up a so-called access point. This WiFi network allows then the interaction with tablets or smartphones.

      More detailed information about Mobile-CASSY 2 Wifi is available Here.