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Use of student experiments in practice


  • Most of the experiments can be performed within one lesson/class
  • Students are able to perform experiments independently
  • Support of experimenting in working groups (groups of 2 or 3 students)

Space-saving and efficient

  • Low space requirement on the table, as a maximum of two stackable trays per working group is needed
  • Saving time due to intuitive handling of the trays by students

Familiar and for all subjects

  • Science Lab covers all subjects in natural sciences
  • Students quickly familiarise with the material: little time is needed to learn new experimental topics

Understandable and adaptable

  • Easy-to-understand experiment instructions guide the students safely through the experiment
  • Use of recurring operators in the experiment instructions
  • Easy editing of experiment instructions, e.g. to adapt them to the own lesson/class
  • Experiment instructions are already extended by additional assignments in order to support students individually