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Get students excited about stem subjects:
Our science lab

  • Best solution for STEM education
    Skill enhancing: Problem solving and planning observation and analysis learning process
  • Save time
    Fast research of experiments and distribution of the student worksheets
  • Easy preparation
    At home or on the go: Cloud solution makes all information accessible from everywhere
  • Supports every teaching style
    Work fully digital or with pen and paper, the system fits to each way of teaching
  • For excellent teaching results
    Adjust the content to the level of student by using the Lab Docs Editor


An ideal student experiment system should help to carry out as many experiments as possible in the classroom.

This starts with time-saving preparation, extends to well-organized storage and uncomplicated handling of the equipment, includes simple and safe experiments, and includes support for follow-up and correction.

Therefore Science Lab consists of three central elements, which have been developed in a coordinated manner:

  Storage system & devices

  Experiment instructions

  Data logging

Each element offers many advantages and innovations in itself. Enhanced by the perfect interaction of the three elements, Science Lab represents an unique student experiment system.


  • Experiments developed according to the latest didactic research
  • Fundamental & professional experiments
  • High-quality and innovative devices
  • Developed for experimenting in student groups
  • Experimental units fit into prescribed timeframe (class/lectures)
  • Experiments are easy to understand and safe
  • Reduced preparation time for teachers/lecturers
  • Ideal in combination with the universal student measuring device - Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi - for all topics due to various sensors specially designed for student experiments
  • Customisable, interactive experiment instructions with teacher/lecturer and student sections
  • Pre-formed storage for quick completeness checks
  • Durable due to robust & sturdy materials
  • Innovative design enables easy storage and quick use

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