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Here, we would like to briefly present just a few examples of our more popular solutions for physics training and education. The entire product programme is now available in our new LEYBOLD Online-Shop.


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The relatively new discipline of photonics is concerned with exploring the fundamentals and practical applications of optical processes and technologies.

Whether it is in illumination systems, industrial manufacture & quality assurance or communications engineering – there is no getting around the field of photonics. As its importance and growth in terms of applications continue to grow, its significance in academia, research and training also gains in equal measure.
The foundations for this science are to be found in the possibilities and potentialities for the controlled generation and modulation of light. For this the photon must be considered from two sides, i.e. as both a particle and a wave.

With the LEYBOLD Photonics Science Kit, comprehensive experiments can be performed on the following primary topics:

  • Design of different types of lasers: HeNe-gas lasers, Nd:YAG solid-state lasers, erbium-doped fibre lasers
  • Short laser pulse generation
  • Fibre-optic technology
  • High-resolution spectroscopy
  • Applications of optical instrumentation:Interferometers, e.g. as vibrometers, ring laser gyroscopes

For more information on Photonics Experiments click here.

X-ray Apparatus and Computed Tomography

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The modular concept of the LEYBOLD X-ray system offers a wide range of experiment topics in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.


  • Radiography
  • X-ray photography
  • Ionisation and dosimetry
  • X-ray attenuation

Nuclear Physics

  • Bragg: Single-crystal X-ray diffraction
  • Investigating the energy spectrum of an X-ray tube
  • Duane-Hunt law and determination of h from the maximum wavelength
  • Energy-dependent absorption, K and L edges
  • Moseley’s law and the determination of the Rydberg constant
  • Fine structure of X-ray spectra
  • Determining the bonding energy of individual sub shells by selective excitation
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Compton effect on X-rays

Solid-state Physics:

  • Bragg: Determining the lattice constants of monocrystals
  • Laue: Investigating the lattice structure of monocrystals
  • Debye-Scherrer: Determining the lattice plane spacings of polycrystalline powder samples

Medical Technology Applications

  • Radiology
  • Mineralogy
  • Radiation protection
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Non-destructive material analysis
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Computerised tomography also in 3D

Additional information can be found in the LEYBOLD shop. A brochure can also be downloaded here.

First installation of LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus in Toronto, Canada

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LD DIDACTIC and its Canadian partner, AYVA Education solutions, installed its popular and safe X-ray apparatus for the first time at the respected Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. James Gräfe (Associate Professor) was very enthusiastic and expressed the successful implementation of the X-ray apparatus:

“We have implemented the LEYBOLD cabinet X-ray system in both undergraduate and graduate labs and we are very happy with the results. The students really enjoy being able to see all components of the X-ray tube. AYVA set us up quickly and we haven’t had any issues since. The modular cabinet X-ray system is customizable for a variety of experiments from materials analysis, to dosimetry, to even imaging. We are looking forward to working with AYVA to expand the system capabilities in the future.”

(Dr. James Gräfe, Department of Physics, Ryerson University, Toronto, Cananda)

Physics Experiments for Practicals and Demonstrations

The LEYBOLD equipment sets for physics contain more than 450 experiments, all tailored to meet the experiment requirements of practicals. In addition, they can also be used for demonstration purposes in lectures.

The accompanying instructions are used for assembly, set-up, evaluations and additional experiment information and offer valuable support to the lecturer or the supervisor in charge of practicals. Thanks to the highly functional design and the equipment’s high quality standards, you can be certain that your experiment can be carried out problem-free.

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