Central management 
with LeyLab

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Central Management of experiment instructions

LeyLab is an online portal for the management and organisation of experiments and equipment. With LeyLab, you can not only take an inventory of entire devices collection, but you can also store created Lab Docs there.

Lab Docs can be uploaded quickly and easily for each experiment. You can also store Lab Docs from LD literature packages with the respective experiments. With an integrated tool for creating a QR code, you can distribute the experiment instructions to all students.

The extra-plus: Intelligent device management

With LeyLab, you have direct access to the Lab Docs at any time and from anywhere. Not only the Lab Docs, but all necessary information is bundled for each experiment.

Once the devices have been inventoried, all the necessary equipment is listed with details of the devices and their storage location. The highlight: An experiment with all the associated equipment can be easily borrowed or returned by the teacher/lecturer, so that all colleagues always have an up-to-date overview of the inventory.

Student experiment in LeyLab with Lab Docs from LD literature package

../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Produkte Loesungen/Lab Docs Editor/LeyLab LC1453C Dokumente klein

Overview of devices with their storage location

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Share Lab Doc via QR-Code

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Buy now and start directly:

You can purchase the Lab Docs Editor (Basic/Advanced/Pro) as an annual license for the entire school or as an unlimited school license. The editor can be installed and used on any laptop/PC with Windows.

Choose your version HERE.

Under the tab "Software downloads" you can also download our free demo version and test the Lab Docs Editor.