of the Lab Docs Editor

Extensively editable - from text to images to interactive measuring instruments and tables

What can I do with the Lab Docs Editor?

You can add an image or make a small text change, this was already possible in the past. But even for this you needed mostly additional programs and the time needed was huge. The Lab Docs Editor changes that completely. (Almost) everything is possible. And it is very simple.

The editor is easy to understand. The layout adapts automatically. The editor transfers the changes "live" into the Lab Docs. A preview window allows you to see directly how your Lab Doc will look like. In addition to headings and enumerations, interactive elements such as input fields for student responses can be selected.

../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Produkte Loesungen/LabDocs/Bild Mein erstes LabDoc 2

With the Lab Docs Editor you can:

  • Edit & delete assignments
  • Modification of instructions
  • Add text & response fields
  • Integrate and adapt interactive diagrams & tables
  • Insert images, vector graphics, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Prepare and create material lists
  • Create formulae in LaTeX-Syntax

Interactivity between measuring device and Lab Doc:

The measured value tables and diagrams can be designed interactively by integrating a CASSY measuring device. This means that when experimenting, all settings that you have defined in Lab Doc are transferred directly to the connected measuring device. Furthermore, the measured values are directly inserted into the Lab Doc tables and diagrams during the measurement.

To create the tables and diagrams with the Lab Docs Editor, you can use measurement examples that you have previously recorded and saved with the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi during an experiment. For this purpose you import the settings and measured values of this measurement and automatically receive interactive tables and diagrams.

../../fileadmin/user upload/LD Didactic/Bilder/Produkte Loesungen/LabDocs/Bild Mein erstes LabDoc 3

Many other useful functions:

  • Changes are immediately visible "live" in the web browser
  • Comfortable view of the student and teacher version
  • Export as PDF possible
  • Export to LeyLab for central management
  • Distribution of Lab Docs to students via QR Code

All advantages of the Lab Docs Editor are summarised HERE.