with Lab Docs Editor

Lab Docs Editor is an easy-to-use tool that revolutionises the editing of experiment instructions. Without any knowledge of HTML, the Lab Docs Editor allows the creation of digital and interactive experiment instructions.


Why do I need the Lab Docs Editor?

Use your own, individual Lab Docs to design your classes methodically and didactically in a way that meets your requirements and matches the previous knowledge of your students. As a result, you can easily re-use and edit the document you created in the next year. The Lab Docs in HTML5 format can be used on any tablet or smartphone - regardless of manufacturer and operating system. No HTML knowledge is required to create them.

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Edit Lab Docs instructions from the literature packages

Modify our Lab Docs to your class. You can change or insert additional assignments, add links for further research for the students or adjust the measurement values of tables and diagrams.

Customise existing instructions for digital teaching

In discussions with teachers, we are constantly being asked for a solution to make our own instructions, which we have created over the years in a wide variety of formats, effectively usable for the integrated digital teaching with smartphones and tablets.

With the Editor you can quickly create Lab Docs and convert existing experiment collections in paper form to HTML, so that you can use your already invested work in the digital world.

In addition, Lab Docs offer decisive advantages for teaching with digital media compared to common formats:

    1. 1. The layout adapts to any screen size (responsive), from a small smartphone to a large tablet.

    2. 2. A uniform, standardised layout of the instructions enables intuitive use by students and colleagues.

    3. 3. Lab Docs work independently of the manufacturer & operating system of smartphones/tablets (BYOD)

    4. 4. Easy distribution of the Lab Docs to all students via QR Code

    5. 5. They are available and can be managed centrally.

Create entirely new, individual instructions

Create your own interactive experiment instructions according to your needs in a sustainable format. This includes the simple adding of diagrams and tables, which interact with the
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi
. You can also export and print the experiment instructions as PDF.

Read more about the functions and features of the Lab Docs Editor HERE.