Lab Docs

Digital, interactive experiment literature

The new experiment instructions Lab Docs with prepared teacher and student version are not only didactically redesigned, but are also characterised by the consistent integration of digital media and new technologies. More information about the didactic content can be found here.

At this point we would like to inform you in detail about the possibilities for digital experimentation offered by the Lab Docs.

Work with any tablet, smartphone or laptop!

The Lab Docs can be easily and quickly accessed, edited, stored or shared by teachers and students on their own tablet, smartphone or laptop. They work on any end device, regardless of the manufacturer, and even the software platform is irrelevant. Bring-your-own-Device becomes reality and you can use the BYOD concept without having to worry about certain devices not working.

From answering questions directly, to a real time display of measured values from Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi, to recording and sharing the digital protocol.

Lab Docs can be easily shared with students via QR code. Each student accesses the Lab Doc on their own tablet and then works on their personal copy. The Lab Docs are designed and tested in such a way that they can be used intuitively by students. While performing the experiment, the measurement results are automatically displayed in the tables and diagrams of the personal experiment instructions when the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi is used by the students. It is also possible to answer the prepared questions of the digital worksheets directly on the tablet or smartphone. The evaluation can be stored at any time.

The results can be sent by the students directly to the teacher. In the end, the students have personal encrypted experiment instructions that are managed on the terminal device itself. This ensures data protection, as no server infrastructure or clouds are necessary.

Lab Docs are also editable by the teacher. Would you like to learn more about Lab Docs? Then continue HERE.

In order to give you a more detailed picture of how Lab Docs can be used, we have put together a picture gallery for you under Lab Docs - "Digital Use".
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We will show you how easy it is to share the Lab Docs with the students under the item Lab Docs - "Digital Distribution". Directy to the digital sharing