Chemistry experiments for practicals and demonstrations

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With the LEYBOLD chemistry equipment range, more than 100 experiments can be conducted for both practicals as well as demonstrations.
The accompanying experiment information (in the form of handouts) includes set-up instructions and evaluations making them a valuable asset for both instructors and supervisors of practicals. Thanks to the high quality standards and the highly functional design of our equipment, you can be certain that your experiments will be conducted without a hitch.

Get more information about our chemistry experiments in the LEYBOLD Online-Shop. You can also download our catalogue here.

Computerised tomography and X-rays

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The modular concept of the LEYBOLD X-ray system provides for a wide range of options for experimentation in the following disciplines and topic areas:

  • Radiology
  • Mineralogy and crystallography
  • Radiation protection
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Non-destructive material analysis
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Computerised tomography also in 3D

In the online shop you can find out more about the X-ray device and the multitude of extension options for experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.