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Your benefits with our CASSY sensors M

  • Multiple measured quantities and/or adjustable measuring ranges to match the curriculum
  • Automatic sensor detection and configuration of the measured variables
  • Sampling rate of up to 500,000 values/s to enable experiments such as oscillating circuits and sound recording in line
  • Sensors become part of experiments with tablets, smartphones and laptops by simply plugging them in
  • Completely operated via Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi, which enables environmentally friendly and simple charging management with its NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Affordable

Below you will find an overview of our sensors M. This product family is continuously being expanded with further sensors.


Voltage sensor M (524 438)

  • Simultaneous measurement of two electrical voltages with the integrated voltage input of the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi - this turns the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi into a 2-channel storage oscilloscope
  • Two measuring ranges (±30 V and ±3 V) also for smaller voltages

Magnetic field sensor M (524 436)

  • Two measuring ranges for higher (±100 mT) and lower (±10 mT) magnetic flux densitites
  • High resolution and accuracy even at lower magnetic flux densities
  • Switching between axial and tangential magnetic field measurements is possible
  • Determination of the earth's magnetic field in direction and magnitude with a resolution of 10µT possible

Force sensor M (524 434)

  • Two measuring ranges (±50 N and ±5 N)
  • Higher resolution in the small range, e.g. for the student experiment spring oscillation
  • Equally ideal for mass determination
  • Compensation of 50 N in both measuring ranges
  • Measurements of the force are made in one direction and thus allow, for example, the decomposition of a force into its components

Light barrier M (524 431)

  • Fits perfectly on the students' track
  • Easy fixing of the spoked wheel by clicking it into place
  • High resolution of 100 ns

Lux sensor M (524 444)

  • Four measuring ranges (100 lx, 1 klx, 10 klx und 100 klx)
  • Higher resolution in smaller ranges (smallest resolution: 0.1 lx)
  • High sampling rate also allows measurements of AC voltage and gas discharge luminaires
  • Printed millimetre scale for easy measurement of different diffraction objects

Mikrophone M (524 442)

  • Unique sensor for measuring student experiments such as sound level, vibrations/floating/diffraction figures.
  • Sound level range (dBA) up to 120 dB

GM adapter M (524 440)

  • Measurement radioactive radiation with a Geiger-Müller counter tube in student experiments for radioactivity
  • Adjustable counter tube voltage

Electrochemistry box M (524 450)

  • Can be used as a mobile voltage source and for measuring the voltage/potential of 2 half-cells in electrochemistry
  • For power supply up to 300 mA as well as intuitive parallel measurement of electrical voltage up to ±20 V and current up to ±2 A
  • No student power supply unit necessary

Relay M (524 446)

  • Facilitates controlling an experiment on the basis of the input quantities of the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi
  • Additional output X or Y to the inputs A and B

pH adapter M (524 452)

  • Measuring range pH: 0 ... 14 pH