CASSY sensors and sensor boxes


The benefits in detail

  • Developed in-house, adapted to curriculum topics
  • Several measured quantities and configurable, practice-oriented measuring ranges
  • Fast measurements via WiFi or cable connection
  • Easy to use due to direct plugging in
  • No separate power supply necessary
  • Instant measurement without difficult setup

You can choose from over 60 CASSY sensors and sensor boxes.

We fully cover the curriculum contents in physics, chemistry and biology lessons for secondary education with our range of sensors. In addition, most topics for university are also covered. In total, there are more than 110 measured quantities.

With all sensors and sensor boxes, various contents and topics can be authentically explored in demonstration experiments, student experiments or also in practical experiments, especially those for which humans have no sensory organs.

Following CASSY sensors are available: sensor boxes, S and M sensors.

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Sensors S and sensor boxes


Our sensor boxes and sensors S can be used with our Sensor-CASSY 2, our Universal Measuring Instruments (UMI), but of course also with our Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi. These are mostly used in demonstration or also in practical experiments.

The wide range of applications includes:


Time interval

Velocity and acceleration

Current and temperature

Distance and force

X-ray energy spectra


Hearing thresholg

optical extinction


Blood pressure

electrostatic fields

Oxygen saturation

Skin resistance

Pulse rate

Apart from conventional sensors, we also offer some unusual sensor types:

  • Laser motion sensor,
  • The electrostatic field meter,
  • The immersion photometer and
  • The MCA box.

always the right choice!

Would you like more information about our sensor boxes and sensors S? Please click HERE for a complete overview of the available sensor S and sensor boxes.

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Sensors M


Our M sensors have been specially developed for student experiments and thus for the student measuring device Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi. They are the perfect complement for student experiments with selected measuring ranges. With the robust and affordable M sensors, you can cover a wide range of student experiments.

enthusiasm for science is guaranteed

Would you like more information about our M sensors in student experiments? Please click HERE for an overview of our available sensors.

Robust, versatile and sensitive


The CASSY sensors and sensor boxes offer a wide range of measurement quantities in physics, chemistry and biology. This opens up the combination of multiple measurement variables in a single system. The CASSY sensors are reliable, sensitive in measurement and at the same time robust in handling.

Due to their high resolution, the CASSY sensors respond very sensitively to a change in the measured variable. The change is directly and reliably transmitted to the measuring device. In addition, measurements are reproducible with the CASSY sensors - a fundamental prerequisite for successful preparation. The sensors are robust in use and handling.

In particular, the CASSY sensors are impressive due to their multiple measuring ranges.

Easy handling


To make the handling of the measuring device and sensors as easy as possible, all sensors can be conveniently connected to the respective base units.

The M sensors are connected to the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi via the mini-DIN cable supplied.

The S sensors are plugged in directly or connected via an optional cable.

The sensors are automatically detected by the measuring devices and the corresponding measured quantities are automatically set.

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