WiFi adapter for wireless connection


Utilise the benefits of digital education using WiFi, even in your demonstration experiments.

The WiFi adapter can simply be plugged in and is also compatible with the first generation Sensor-CASSY
(USB or RS232).

wireless connection
made easy

The WiFi adapter connects the Sensor-CASSY wirelessly to a computer, tablet or smartphone using an existing WiFi network.

If there is no existing WiFi infrastructure, the adapter can establish its own WiFi - a so-called access point.

Digital demonstration with interactive whiteboard


With an interactive whiteboard, measurements and evaluations from CASSY Lab 2 can be followed live by the entire class.

No additional cable is needed between the experiment and the computer, because it is done wirelessly via WiFi. Thus, the experiment can be set up anywhere in the room.

To involve students in your demonstration experiments, you can share the measurements via QR code. The students scan the QR code with their tablet or smartphone and can follow the measurement live and in real time. Afterwards, they can evaluate the results themselves.

The WiFi option also allows you to include the free CASSY app in your experiments.