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Power-CASSY - the programmable source of voltage and current


Power-CASSY is our supplement for experiments which require a programmable source of voltage and current.

Power-CASSY is connected to a computer via USB port allowing it to communicate with the CASSY Lab 2 measurement software.  The Power-CASSY can be controlled as needed via CASSY Lab 2.

For instance, generate a sinusoidal or square-wave voltage as with a function generator. The interaction between Power-CASSY and the measuring software allows the parameters to be set in CASSY Lab 2 and automatically measures current or voltage. The connection for further CASSY modules or also for the CASSY-Display enables a wide range of applications.

Included function generator


Power-CASSY acts as a replacement for a function generator. If the equipment is used as a voltage source, then current can be measured at the same time. This means that only one Power-CASSY module is needed to record characteristics for any two-pole network and you don't need any other CASSY modules.

When it is used as a constant current source, the voltage can be measured simultaneously. Thanks to the various options of controlling the Power-CASSY module from CASSY Lab 2, it is also possible to control voltage and current based on other measurements (e.g. for a PI controller).

Power-CASSY offers you tremendous flexibility and a wide range of options in all kinds of lessons. It can be used for demonstration experiments, either as a table-top module or in training panel frames.