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With the new pendulum machine students can work out the correlation between force – torque – power based on their own experiences. As part of the complete education redesign, the measurement equipment on the pendulum machine can now be directly observed. With the visible force sensor, students can better understand how the torque of a machine is measured. The possibility of calibration by the students themselves makes the understanding of these correlations even deeper.

The characteristics can be recorded automatically using a PC or an electrical machine can be also manually put under load. In both ways not only the electrical energy is determined but also the mechanical energy through a direct measurement of torque and speed. This makes it easy to calculate the efficiency from the electrical and mechanical measurements. Dynamic measurement is done at least every 100 ms, resulting in an exact continues characteristic curve of the tested machine. You can record curves for load, run up characteristics and torque. The system provides load characteristics as for winder or blower. Additionally you can design you own load characteristics and use it for measurement with the different machines.

Measurement ranges:

  • Torque: ±9.99 Nm (300 W); ±30 Nm (1 kW)
  • Torque offset adjustment up to ±0.3 Nm
  • Current up to ±16 A
  • Voltage up to ±500 V AC-DC

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