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With our new Danfoss converter we have a proven partnership at the cutting edge of technology:

  • Can be used on a 230 V network (connection to a plug socket)
  • Output 3-phase alternating current 132 V / 230 V
  • The direct current link voltage can be measured
  • Display for observation
  • All inputs and outputs via 4 mm safety sockets
  • Potentiometer for quick frequency adjustment
  • Digital and analogue inputs
  • Integrated two-chanal “Safe Torque Off” (STO)
  • Profi-Net connection removing
  • USB connection
  • Transfer of the drive parameters and data via Danfoss software (MCT 10)
  • Potential equalisation sockets
  • Operating mode VVC+ or U/f

With the new Danfoss frequency converter you are perfectly positioned and connected both in terms of drive technology and in the world of automation technology.

Technical features, such as an additional EMC filter for reduction of leakage currents and potential equalisation sockets for the required integration into the potential equalisation system, complete the product..

Use our frequency converter together with:

  • our asynchronous machines 230/400 V Δ/Y (773 2104) and permanent excitation synchronous machines (773 340)
  • in conjunction with our PLC control system S7-1512C-1 PN TP (773 072) and S7-1516 PN/DP TP (773 077)

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