Discover our comprehensive portfolio of training systems with solutions of our brands LEYBOLD, FEEDBACK and ELWE Technology within the fields of:

Electrical Engineering
Automotive Technology
Regenerative Energy

Solutions for technical training

To face the acute shortage of skilled labour in the industrial world and increasing demands for higher qualifications on the job, more and more national and international attention is being focussed on the German dual system of vocational training and education.

This is an educational system based on practical, hands-on training in industry combined with studying the corresponding theory in a vocational college: this is a system which is future-oriented and in line with developing demands. Our educationally-designed teaching systems for vocational training are precisely geared to meet the technological challenges facing industrial countries.

LD DIDACTIC builds bridges between theory and practice by supplying technical equipment and systems for training at:

  • Vocational colleges
  • Technical colleges and schools
  • On-the-job training facilities
  • Colleges and universities

Facility and Lab Planning and Installation: Lab Furniture and Power Supplies

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Our room planners custom design your laboratory simply by tailoring the desired experiment equipment, furniture and storage solutions to your specific needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are reliable partners in all phases of project planning from conception to implementation.

Laboratory furniture for the training in Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Automotive Engineering (vocational training)

Our laboratory furniture system takes into account the requirements of the experimental equipment and IT peripherals in the teaching of Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Automotive Engineering even in the room design phase.

Working hand in hand with you, we can develop a tailored room/equipment layout taking into consideration your needs and requirements.

  • Laboratory benches, multifunctional benches
  • Workstations for installation exercises
  • Power supply systems in 19" slide-in modules in three height units (HU)
  • Storage cabinets
  • Experiment stands for demonstration purposes
  • Networking of power supply, multifunctional benches and training system.