NEW: Virtual Experiments

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February 2021

The latest tool for digital experimentation

What's behind the virtual experiment? 

Performing and witnessing experiments is essential in science teaching and in vocational training and education. But how should this work in remote and distance learning?

We have accepted this challenge and will show you our latest innovation - both for distance learning and as a new didactic and methodological tool for the digital organisation of lessons at school.

Our virtual experiments can be used individually for preparation, as homework or also to supplement the regular experiments in class.

They consist of the digital experiment instruction, an integrated video for setting-up the experiment, the video of a real experiment and the measured values displayed synchronously. When the diagrams and tables are viewed, the video of the experiment is displayed parallel to the measured values.

The students can evaluate the measured values in the same way as in a self-performed experiment. Tasks can be answered directly and, in some cases, even be checked. In this way, they interactively generate a digital experiment protocol, which can then be sent back to the teacher for checking.

Students can access and work on the Virtual Experiment on tablets, smartphones or PCs, independently of any software or apps!

Would you like to take a closer look at some expamples of our virtual experiments? Then click HERE.