Under the category "New Products 2017" we present new products, innovative solutions and the highlights of LD DIDACTIC for vocational training. These include the fields of electrical engineering and automotive technology.

With the solutions of our brands LEYBOLD, ELWE technology and feedback, we offer you a comprehensive range of didactically prepared technical teaching and training systems, which we continually expand with innovations - especially on current topics such as electric mobility and Industry 4.0.

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Automotive: New experiment set-up for MOST data bus

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February 2017

With the “Networking systems MOST Tiny” you can construct and examine a small MOST experimentation system.

The fast MOST data bus is used to transmit audio, video, voice and data signals and is the standard for multimedia networking in cars. This makes the teaching system a must have, especially with regards to the increasing digitalisation of cars.

The MOST technology is used for multimedia applications in cars and is today common in the infotainment area of almost all large automobile manufacturers. Due to the widespread use, the high-performance and reliable system can no longer be not a part of classes.

With the MOST experimentation system, your students can practically examine the MOST data bus characteristics. The focus of the system is on the typical characteristics of the fast MOST data bus, which allows to differentiate it from other data bus systems. In addition, a troubleshooting can be carried out by using the self-diagnosis functions and suitable diagnostic testers.

For further information about the equipment set Networking systems MOST Tiny (A2.6.1.11) click HERE.

Automotive: Electric vehicle charging station

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January 2017

New: The charging station for electric vehicles

The compact didactic charging station complements the innovative PEV High Voltage Trainer and is another portfolio element in the field of electric mobility.

In order to make your vehicle lessons even more intuitive, LEYBOLD now offers you the matching "electric vehicle charging station" next to the "PEV High Voltage Trainer". This will allows you to even more practically demonstrate and teach your students the charging and the associated processes of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The device enables the student to carry out measurements as normal at the workshop in a realistic manner. In combination with the PEV High Voltage Trainer (To the product), the device can be used to create a realistic charging infrastructure situation for electric vehicles. A three-phase passive charging cable or a single-phase active charging cable can be connected.

Learning goals:

  • Basic knowledge charging station
  • Communication charging station - vehicle
  • Mode of operation Error current circuit breaker type B
  • Measurement of coding resistors

For detailed information about the charging station, please click HERE.

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