New Voltage SENSOR S

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September 2017

The CASSY sensor range got extended by a new voltage sensor S.

More than 50 sensors for over 100 variables are offered within the CASSY sensor portfolio. The new µV sensor S is especially designed for measuring very low voltages (e.g. Hall voltages, thermocouples, induction coils) using CASSY. 

It can be used in combination with Sensor-CASSY 2, Mobile-CASSY 2, Pocket-CASSY 2 and the Universal Measuring Instrument.

For more information on the µV sensor S, click HERE

Explore the entire CASSY sensor portfolio HERE

The successful CASSY App is now available for mobile phones

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September 2017

Our CASSY App is now available for smartphones in the App Store, at Google Play and Windows!

All functionalities of the CASSY App, which are known from the tablet version, can now also be used on smartphones. Of course, the layout is adapted to smartphone displays, so an easy operation is given.

This way smartphones can be integrated into experiments and enable digital measurement in classes.

Download the free CASSY App directly to your phone or tablet.
Click on the desired button:

Experimenting with Mobile-CASSY 2 using CPS and TPS

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August 2017

Include the Mobile-CASSY 2 in a secure and flexible way into experiments using the CPS and TPS.

In experiments using the chemistry presentation system – CPS – or the training panel system in the field of engineering – TPS – you can include the Mobile-CASSY 2 in a secure and flexible way using specially developed holder. The Mobile-CASSY 2 can be easily removed and reinserted at any time.

Holder for Mobile-CASSY 2 for the CPS

For a secure and flexible mounting on a magnetic surface within demonstration experiments with the CPS.

Click HERE for the holder CPS.

You may read more information on the CPS in our brochure.

Holder for Mobile-CASSY 2 for the TPS

Due to the new holder the measuring interface Mobile-CASSY 2 can simply be integrated into student and demonstration experiments with our modular training panel system for electrical engineering and automotive technology – TPS.

Click HERE for the holder TPS.

Renewed approval for the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus according to the Röntgenverordnung 2017 (X-ray Ordinance 2017) until 2027

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May 2017

Safety requirements 2017 satisfied:
The BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) has extended the design approval for the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus as X-ray apparatus for educational use with full protection in accordance with the regulation BfS 05/07 V/Sch RöV.

After presenting the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus in accordance with the specifications of the current Röntgenverordnung (X-ray Ordinance) and the regulations concerning an X-ray apparatus for educational use by the PTB (Physical-Technical Federal Agency), we are delighted to confirm that the BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) has extended its approval.
The LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus you will be purchasing for educational use is fully protected with the required safety features, consequently the equipment has been certified by the authority as reliable, conforming to the appropriate standards and can be regarded as “state-of-the-art”.

Safety and radiation protection as top priority

In addition to the fulfillment of the dose rate limits according to the Röntgenverordnung (X-ray Ordinance), an automatic door monitoring system prevents improper operation of the doors. For this purpose, the doors are automatically locked and monitored by two independent safety circuits. Before switching on the high voltage, the functionality of the safety circuits is independently checked by the apparatus. If the doors are not locked properly, no high voltage and hence no X-ray radiation will be generated. The display then shows the probable error (for example, door open). The safety system for the doors also ensures that the doors are not unlocked until the high voltage has dropped and until no more X-ray radiation is being generated. The automatic safe locking and unlocking of the doors has been successfully tested by TÜV Rheinland (a German Technical Inspection Association) for reliability and failure safety.

Further advantages of the proven X-ray apparatus

The LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus impresses not just with its superior and currently tested safety concept, but also with its continuously improved capabilities and features during the years. Six different X-ray tubes (with different anode materials) are available, which is a unique feature for an educational X-ray apparatus. The X-ray tubes are, depending on their application, characterised by high intensity X-ray radiation (Au tube) or of a suitable wavelength for crystallographic experiments (Cu tube). The simple tube change allows a direct and didactically valuable view of the X-ray tube. With an angle resolution of 0.01° and appropriate accessories (high-resolution collimator, counter tube holder and adapted software), the X-ray apparatus sets new, much higher standards. This astonishing precision in the field of education enables Bragg-HD measurements where the effects of the fine structure are visible in the first order and can be observed with a correspondingly high count rate. The storage of the materials is improved by an additional, lockable drawer which provides optimal space for a high number of accessories such as X-ray tubes, absorbers and counter tubes, and leads to a further simplification of its handling and operation.


For detailed information click here: X-RAY APPARATUS, Mo, complete.

Further information on the X-ray apparatus, basic equipment click: HERE.


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January 2017

Our new CASSY App is available in the App Store, at Google Play and Windows!

Digitisation "- but how?

Simply download the app and try it out directly with our incomparable student measuring device Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi (To the product) or for demonstration with the WiFi adapter for the Sensor-CASSY (To the product). 

What do you get:

  • Integrated measuring examples
  • Experiment settings
  • Compact experiment instructions
  • Table view with single measured values and a diagram view
  • Direct digital measurement
  • Saving and sharing of measured values with others 

By the way, the integrated experiment examples can also be viewed just with a tablet.

Download the free CASSY App directly to your tablet.
Click on the desired button:

WiFi adapter for Sensor-CASSY

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January 2017

With the WiFi adapter it is now possible to easily connect the Sensor-CASSY and Sensor-CASSY 2 to a computer or tablet without any cables.

With the WiFi adapter, the Sensor-CASSY 1 (USB or RS232) as well as the Sensor-CASSY 2 wirelessly connects to a computer or tablet in the WLAN network. Or even spans a WLAN network (access point).

Therefore the WiFi adapter is easily plugged in to the Sensor-CASSY. After that the Sensor-CASSY can be connected to an existing WLAN as a WLAN client. Or the adapter can set up its own wireless local area network (WLAN) or as you might know from your smartphones a so-called access point. A computer or tablet can be directly connected to this WLAN.

After all devices are in the WLAN, the Sensor-CASSY can connect to CASSY Lab 2 and the NEW CASSY app.

This opens up new possibilities:

  • Wireless connection to CASSY Lab 2 under Windows / Linux, e.g. to the computer on the whiteboard.
  • Wireless connection to one of our apps (multimeter, oscilloscope or the CASSY app) on tablets or smartphones.