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Simple, wireless networking

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Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi can be connected wireless in a WiFi network with a computer or tablet or can set up its own WiFi network
(access point). This creates additional possibilities:

  • Wireless connection to a VNC client on a computer or tablet for remote control or displaying the Mobile-CASSY display; e.g. on an interactive whiteboard or a tablet.
  • Wireless connection to CASSY Lab 2 under Windows/Linux.
  • Wireless connection to one of our Apps (Multimeter, Oscilloscope or the CASSY App) on tablets or smart phones.


Alongside the numerous CASSY sensors S, the sensors M are the perfect supplement for LEYBOLD students experiments with Mobile-CASSY 2.

  • Currently 6 different sensors are available
  • Particularly suitable for students experiments
  • Selected measurement ranges
  • Connection via the supplied Mini DIN cable

Overview of sensors M: