Innovations in our technology range

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Variety is our strengh

With the solutions provided by our brands LEYBOLD, ELWE Technik and FEEDBACK we offer you an extensive range of training systems

Below please find our highlights for 2014.

Automotive Technology

Alternative drives - Electromobility - Sensors and actuators in vehicles

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LPG Gas System

The LGP Gas System consists of

  • LPG control unit (739 405-01)
  • Tank fitting (739 405-02)
  • Gas system panel (739 405-03)

The complete LPG Gas system is available here (739 405).


  • Expansion for liquid gas (LPG) system
  • Expansion of MOTRONIC M1.5.4 (739 402)
  • Retrofitting for compatible four-cylinder engine management systems
  • Software adaptation and fault diagnosis
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High-Voltage circuit disconnection (A2.7.2.4)
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Below please find the systems for the new automotive training curriculum:

  • Workstation vehicle hybrid drive (A2.7.2.3)
    Innovative self-learning station for acquisition the elementary specialist knowledge of a vehicle mechatronic technician in the areas of hybrid and electrical drives.
  • Electrical teaching machine for hybrid drives
    Construction of an electrical drive with a modular design (A2.7.2.1)
  • High-Voltage circuit disconnection
    Circuit disconnection procedure (A2.7.2.4)


  • Infrastructure
  • Battery technology
  • Electric vehicles
  • Hybrid drive, etc.
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Sensors and actuators in vehicles with the STE Plug-in System

Special vehicle sensors and actuators are mounted in or on plug-in elements to enable their fundamental functions to be easily investigated.


  • Sensoric
  • Sensoric I

Renewable energy technology

Understanding renewable energy - systems for every didactic requirement

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Battery Technology

Which battery type for which application? With the "Battery Technology" kit, students are able to work out the answer to this question themselves. The didactic concept of the new LEYBOLD plug-in systems (STE) is aimed towards independent acquisition of knowledge.

STE Battery technology (5800300)

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Solar Energy and Power Generation

The surface area used for power generation with solar systems increases from year to year. With the installation, maintenance and project management of these systems, a new branch of industry has developed which demands special  knowledge and abilities. With the STE Experimental Kit "Solar Energy and Power Generation", students are able to cover all relevant learning content in application-oriented experiments.

STE Solar Energy and Power Generation (580 0100)

    COM3LAB Course: Photovoltaics
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    COM3LAB Photovoltaics Course

    The COM3LAB photovoltaics course deals with the construction and function of solar cells. Based on real experiments, the function of solar modules is investigated under various operation conditions. The microprocessor-controlled charging regulator runs the solar generator at the point of optimal power (maximum power point - MPP).

    COM3LAB Course: Photovoltaics (700 5301)

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      in stand-alone operation
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      ELWE Technik Photovoltaic Systems


      Mobile photovoltaic system as an experimental panel system. Constructed with industrial components in a "grid-connected" operation mode.

      In stand-alone operation

      Mobile photovoltaic system as an experimental panel system. Constructed with industrial components in a "stand-alone" operation mode.

      Equipment set VX9.1.4   
      Photovoltaic system, grid-connected, basic kit

      Equipment set VX9.1.6   
      Photovoltaic system, stand-alone operation, basic kit

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        Wind energy and power generation

        Without wind – no electricity. In vocational education it is necessary to go beyond the scope of this simplified realisation. The LEYBOLD STE "Wind energy" was developed in order to support this part of the training with a modern learning system.

        STE Wind energy and power generation (580 0200)

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          ELWE Technik Wind Power Plant

          With the "Wind Power Plant" experimental rig is an outstanding educational system of renewable energy generation. The student first acquires the basics of electrical power generation through exploitation of the kinetic energy existing in  the wind. The student learns several common methods of connecting the asynchronous generator to the grid for channelling off energy.

          Equipment set VX9.2    Wind Power Plant

            Electrical Engineering

            Machines with interchangeable rotors - Hydraulics and Pneumatics with transparent components - Installation Simulation with Asima - Installation technology with box system VDE protection measures

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            Machines with interchangeable rotors

            The equipment is equally suitable for student experiments in the laboratory with low voltage (400 V three-phase) and - with the mobile experimental rig - for teacher demonstrations in the classroom. The course provides simultaneously the necessary basic knowledge and deeper understanding of the behaviour of machines for a scientific interpretation of the machine characteristics.

            Didactic machines for mains voltage consist of a stator and various interchangeable rotors. Once the stator and rotor have been assembled, this results in an operational electrical machine in the 300 W class.

            The rotors are equipped with a B-endplate, fanwheel, cover cap and, if required, slip-rings, brushes, etc. In combination with the machine testing system, it is possible to attribute the characteristic curves of the machines to the properties of the specific rotor. Depending on the rotor used, the prototype machine then shows the typical properties of asynchronous and synchronous machines.

            747 720    Three-phase stator
            747 721    Short circuited rotor
            747 722    Slip-ring rotor
            747 723    Salient pole rotor
            747 724    Non-salient pole rotor

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              ELWE Technik - Hydraulics with transparent components

              The transparent components make it possible to quickly understand the basic functions of hydraulics and electrohydraulics.

              Equipment set VX3.3    Hydraulics with transparent components

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                COM3LAB courses Electropneumatics and automation technology

                The COM3LAB course "Electropneumatics" imparts the core knowledge of electropneumatics based on BIBB standard exercises.

                The COM3LAB course "Automation technology" explains the functional principle and the applications of a PLC. Based on many examples, learning the programming language PLC becomes child's play.

                Both courses can be combined together, so that complete process operations can be carried out and documented. The nature of the project work requires a self-reliant, independent and creative attitude.

                700 020      COM3LAB Master Unit
                700 3101    COM3LAB Course: Automation and bus technology
                700 3501    COM3LAB Course: Electropneumatics
                700 351      COM3LAB Course: Pneumatics panel

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                  ELWE Technik - ASIMA - The trainer for PLC and Logo

                  The well-proven ELWE Technik trainer for programming electrical control systems has been revised: Owing to the large number of plant simulations, the user is able to give the student an understanding of the entire spectrum of control programming in small steps. Here it is an advantage that the simple plant simulations can be performed with either a small control system (LOGO from Siemens) or with a PLC.

                  Numerous plant simulations with mask sets are available.

                  Equipment set VX3.1.19    ASIMA Plant Simulator

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                    ELWE Technik - Box System VDE protection measures

                    Protection against electric shock

                    Protection measures are absolutely essential for every electrical profession. A system that makes this possible through a genuine hands-on approach is an indispensable part of good training. The box system combines this with theory and practice. The student learns to understand the functions through self-assembly of the equipment.  

                    Equipment set VX2.2.3   
                    Ü 0100 Protection Measures to VDE 0100

                      Detailed information on our innovations and highlights for 2014 is available here (PDF).