Worlddidac Award CASSY-Kits

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Sensor-CASSY 2 and CASSY Lab 2 have been awarded with the coveted “Worlddidac Award” 2012. On this occasion we have assembled natural science CASSY-Kits, that we offer at a special price.

The CASSY-Kits include either a Sensor-CASSY 2 or a Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth, as well as the software CASSY Lab 2 and corresponding sensors for physics, chemistry or biology. Starting with two to four sensors, the case provides enough additional space for a personalized collection of sensors. It can also hold both Sensor-CASSY 2 and Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth. 

The “Worlddidac Award CASSY-Kits” are available for physics, chemistry and biology:

To complete your existing CASSY collection we also offer the case unequipped.

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Fuel Cell Technology

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Renewable Energy in Schools and Universities

1. Fuel Cell Workstation for students to learn and experiment independently

  • Allows solution-oriented learning on renewable energy

  • The basic components of a future-proof energy supply are covered:

    - two reversible fuel cells to work as electrolyser or fuel cell, for parallel or series circuit

    - one solar cell

    - one measuring unit with indicators and current supply

  • Suitable for student experiments in Chemistry and Physics in secondary schools

  • Learning by experimenting: Simple operation and interconnection of the components together with intuitive worksheets and descriptions

Fuel Cell Stack for demonstration experiments for schools and universities

  • New PEM Fuel Cell Stack, consisting of four individual cells, can be easily switched in series or parallel
  • Clearly arranged and easily visible at a distance: Suitable for demonstration and project work
  • In combination with the panel "Electric Load": Easy acquisition of characteristics and measurement of efficiency
  • Hydrogen from the HydroStik Pro, no gas bottle needed

Please find more information about our new Fuel Cell Stack our webshop.

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Science Kit Energy

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Using the new Science Kit Energy students in secondary education and schools are able to learn in an enjoyable way the physical basics of „renewable energy“.

Students carry out independently qualitative research and quantitive measurements in the fields of conversion, storage and energy transport.

  • With solar cells for direct conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy, experiments can be performed to examine the dependence on illumination and angle of incidence. 
  • The wind turbine is used for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. By varying the rotors, students can examine practically the influence of the shape, rotor number and angle and hence efficiency.
  • Besides the conversion between electrical and chemical energy, the problem of energy storage as well as energy transport is demonstrated using the reversible fuel cells.

Please find more information about Science Kit Energy in our webshop.

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Fuel Cell Advanced Science Kits

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Student experiments on the topic „fuel cell" in secondary schools

The new Advanced Science Kit „Fuel Cell" complements the Advanced Science Kit „Energy" providing even more comprehensive experiments in „Renewable Energy".

The conversion of electrical energy into chemical by hydrolysis with a reversible fuel cell as electrolyser can be studied. The generated Hydrogen and Oxygen are each stored in a reservoir.

The fuel cell then converts the chemical energy into electrical. This powers an electric motor, a process used in automotive engineering.

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New CASSY sensors

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3D Acceleration Sensor S

Using the new acceleration sensor, g-forces acting on the sensor can be measured (acceleration and earth‘s gravity)


Ultrasonic Motion SENSOR S

The ultrasonic motion sensor S measures  is suitable for both measuring the speed of sound and motion recording, e.g. wirelessly on a track. By calculation, velocity and acceleration can also be measured.


Climate SENSOR S

The new climate sensor allows simultaneous recording of up to 5 climate-related parameters:

  • Relative humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Illumination
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Height


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News X-ray Apparatus

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X-ray Image Sensor

Compact high-resolution sensor head with USB module for capturing X-ray images with an X-ray apparatus at daylight conditions (without X-ray film). Together with the precision slide (554 829) the X-ray image sensor (554 828) is a high performance camera for X-ray photographie, radiology, material testing, crystallopgraphy and computer tomography for use in practical trainings and demonstrations at universities.


Presicion Slide X-ray Image Sensor

For precise positioning and adjustment of the X-ray image sensor (554 828) in the X-ray apparatus (554 800 or 554 81USB). The optical bench offers a free positioning of the X-ray image sensor in the experiment chamber of the X-ray machine.


Software Computed Tomography Pro

For calculation of CT scans with the Computed Tomography Module (554 821) or the X-ray image sensor (554 828) and the X-ray apparatus (554 801 or 554 811USB).


Package Computed Tomography Pro

Extension of the X-ray apparatus (554 801) with the X-ray image sensor (554 828) and all accessories for high-resolution computed tomography.

Consisting of

Software Computed Tomography Pro (554 820)
Accessory Computed Tomography (554 826)
Red-Cyan Glasses (3D) (554 827)
X-ray image sensor (554 828)
Precision slide X-ray image sensor (554 829)


Please find more information about X-ray apparatus in our webshop.

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Automotive Lighting System

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Cornering Lights

Conventional vehicle lighting is designed for straight roads, curve or side streets are not illuminated optimally when turning. Engineers therefore developed systems that move the headlights depending on the steering wheel position at first mechanically, later electrically as well. This system is known as "dynamic cornering lights." A further addition is an additional lateral facing light referred to as a static cornering light.

Please find more information about Cornering Lights in our webshop.

The TPS module is also available as a network-ready version (738 113N). With the Software LEYLAB.control teachers can actively control and monitor the student's experiments in a networked laboratory.

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Adaptive Frontlighting System

The Adaptive Frontlighting System AFS is one of the most important lighting innovations. This system (A2.1.3.3) not only adjusts the direction of the light horizontally, but also to the vertical direction. Depending on the vehicle's environment, the headlight range can vary between near (common low beam) and far (common high beam).

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LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) were first used as indicators at the rear of the vehicle. Now high intensity LEDs are also used in headlights for illumination. LEDs offer higher efficiency than halogen and xenon lamps, longer life time and above all, greater design flexibility of the vehicle front

Please find more information about LED-Headlights in our webshop.

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High Efficiency Electric Machines

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The instructor can expand the “Electric instruction machine (ELM)” system with a stator and, optionally, two rotors in the “Electrical machine models“  system. Both rotors are provided with rare-earth permanent magnets, one with them surface-mounted and the other with internal embedded magnets. The poles are color-coded. The stator windings are also color-coded, to illustrate the three phases.
The machines can be used as:

Permanent Magnet Rotor Electrical machine models

  • Synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • BLDC driving motor or
  • modern generator

Further information on our ELM Set Multipole stator and rotor and ELM PM magnet rotor with inner magnets is available in our webshop.

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STE Renewable Energy

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Experiments for Vocational Training in Electronics

Using the LEYBOLD Plug-in System (STE) students learn the important topics of vocational training in electronics in a practical way. Using the complete and cased experimental set you can integrate student experiments on the future-oriented topic “Renewable Energy and Storage” into your training. As the start of this new series we can offer you experiment kits on solar energy, wind energy and battery technology.

The didactic concept of this series is the independent development of knowledge.

Our focus is on

  • An independent set up with experiment instructions
  • Measurements using intuitive instruments

Not on demonstrations with unwieldy large systems. This is the perfect combination of theory and practice.

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