New products and highlights 2020

We present the new products and innovations in electrical engineering and automotive technology for the year 2020.

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CAN BUS LIDAR, STE 6/100/200

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April 2020

Self-driving vehicles on a new level
360°rotating view for detection of obstacles with light

Our new modern 360° rotating LIDAR scanner unit (LIDAR: Light Imaging, Detection And Ranging) for distance determination with light.

The sensor system uses a photochip to detect the angle between emitted and reflected light, known as "triangulation. The distance of obstacles can be detected at an early stage with the aid of a laser-based optical system. This is used in self-driving vehicles, but also in robots or in surface detection for the generation of high-resolution topology maps.

The sensor unit is equipped with a focused modulated laser transmitter and receiver for high-speed measurement. It has a CAN databus interface for data exchange with external control units or the PC.

A calibration panel is used for exact adjustment, which helps to optimise the object detection. Visualisation software displays the detected data points and controls the unit. 

For detailed information on the LIDAR scanner unit CAN-Bus-LIDAR, STE 6/100/200 click Here.

Innovative machine test system

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March 2020

New machine test system:
Safe and user-friendly training system 
for electric drives

The new machine test system for recording and evaluation of characteristic curves of electrical machines of the 300 W class in all four operating quadrants has been completely redeveloped in all its components.

Trainees are optimally trained for the latest developments in practice, such as high-efficiency machines, new industrial sectors or even operation within intelligent drive systems, through the interaction of the machine test system and current machines.

The new LEYBOLD machine test system consists of the following components:

1.) Machine Test CASSY (773 1900) - the new integrated didactic measurement & control unit

2.) Electrical dynamometer (773 1990) - drive or braking system

3.) Machine base unit 90 cm (773 110) - heavy duty for maximum safety

4.) Coupling / shaft end guard transparent (773 108) - protection for rotating parts of electrical machines

With this set, full test protocols according to DIN/ISO 60034-2-1 standard procedures for determining losses and efficiency test required for classes IE1 to IE4 can be carried out easily and entirely by students and trainees.

In a variety of experiments, the trainees learn about the construction, the electrical connection and the behaviour and mode of operation of the different types of machines. They are also able to analyse the behaviour in different load situations (e.g. for speed), calculate the characteristic values and record typical machine characteristics curves.

In particular, the system suitable for carrying out experiments without additional software, as all the main functions can also be controlled directly at the control panel colour display. Here, all measured data, charts and control functions are accessible.

When operated remotely via software, we recommend CASSY Lab 2. Alternatively, drivers for LabView and MATLAB are also available.

Detailed information on the new „machine test system" is available HERE.

For more information on the individual components, please click on the corresponding article no. at the top of the text.

Automotive High-Voltage systems trainer

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February 2020

New automotive high-voltage systems trainer
for electromobility

With the high-voltage system trainer from Audi, it is possible to simulate insulation faults in HV lines and components. This enables systematic troubeshooting to the trained and improved in a targeted manner.

All built-in high-voltage components are easily accessible - in contrast to the original vehicle. In the event of a fault, only a recognizable HV voltage is present with a very low current carrying capacity. The system creates an overview of all installed HV components that come from original vehicles.

With its clear and easily understandable structure, the system trainer takes away the frightening complexity of HV vehicle technology. The steps required for deactivation of the HV system can be carried out identically to the vehicle under simpler conditions.

The LEYBOLD electromobility training systems are ideal for use in the training of motor vehicle mechatronics engineers of all disciplines, but of course in the field of "system and high-voltage technology". The training systems can also be used excellently in the training of technicians, masters and engineers.

For more information about the equipment set and components of the automotive high-voltage system trainer, click HERE.