New products and highlights 2019

We present the new products and innovations in electrical engineering and automotive technology for the year 2019.

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Test adapter for electric vehicle charging stations

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November 2019

Test adapter for charging stations

This handy adapter is to be connected to the Electric vehicle charging station (739 948) and simulates an electric vehicle to check the charging station.

The 1- or 3-phase charging voltage can be measured safely at the safety sockets with a voltage tester.For this purpose, the charging modes A to E can be specified for simulated cables with 13, 20, 32 or 63A. The PP resistance can also be measured directly at the charging station.

Detailed information on the test adapter for electric vehicle charging station is available HERE.

High voltage and battery technology

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February 2019

Safe and secure training with the new high voltage battery trainer 

The high voltage battery is still the weak point of an electric vehicle today. Inadequate driving ranges due to insufficient capacities and too long charging times due to suboptimal cells are the main causes of this problem.

To understand this, the curriculum of the automotive high-voltage technician provides for the training of the high-voltage component "high-voltage battery". Due to the system, the hazardous potential is particularly high due to the high voltages of up to 800 V. 

LD DIDACTIC offers the high voltage battery trainer as a supplement to the high-voltage trainer. Modeled and transformed to uncritical 24 V, the student can acquire all knowledge in this area. The trick: through the separate cell blocks they can be exchanged and thus different cell chemistries such as lithium-ion cells or lithium-iron phosphate cells are examined.

For the equipment set "High voltage battery trainer" please click HERE.

Informations about the "PEV high voltage trainer" are available HERE.

New driver assistance system: Side assist

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February 2019

The driver assistance system for blind spot detection.

Everybody has learned it: by looking over the shoulder, even areas that cannot be recognised with the help of the mirrors can be seen - driving instructors constantly emphasise this. Without looking over the shoulder, accidents can quickly happen, for example when changing lanes on the motorway.

Driver assistance systems can help to prevent such accidents. One of these systems is the "side assist".

It can evaluate the tracking stability of the vehicle, detects additional vehicles on the side and intervenes in dangerous situations by warning or acting on the driving situation.

The Side Assist system has a linear signal processing sequence. In accordance with the curriculum, - input, processing, output - is didactically implemented here.

For equipment set "Side Assist" please click HERE.

For the product "Driver Assistance I", which includes a system for blind spot detection and reversing camera, please click HERE.